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====== Please understand some classes may alter slighty due to any unforseen conflicts. Always hit "refresh" to be sure nothing has changed. This is usally just the first few days schedule comes out. Also, we will certainly add additional classes upon necessity. ======Cli

We have some AMAZING new classes AND teachers!

OUR BRAND NEW 2017-2018 CLASS SCHEDULE is directly below!
It is a wonderful schedule with over 75 classes/programs to choose from!

2017/2018 Class Schedule

(Information and description of classes is below. Please scroll down)

LIVE Online registration is now activated!
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Registration fee for the year (until August 31, 2018) will be $60.00. This will cover your child for any and all activities including any of our FANTASTIC 2018 summer camps!

Lastly: NEW!!!
CREDIT CARDS MAY BE AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED. Your cc info IS required to hold a space, but can be charged before you come into your first class if you email us and let us know. Credit Card payments may now be done SECURELY through the computer program. New this year: your payment may be processed monthly. We will NOT store your cc number anywhere execpt in our new SECURE system. This will be activated Oct. 1, 2017

Online registration is now available!!! So "shop" and pick the classes now that you'd like for your children and you can sign them up right from the comfort of your own home*


We continue to strive to our student teacher ratio of 12:1 (some classes the ratio may even be less). If a class fills, it will automatically close to online registration. If you find a class fills quickly, please see an alternative class.

*please note that a space in each class cannot be finalized until payment and waiver forms are dropped off
to our facility: 28 Indian Trail Road (Suite 107).
If paying by credit card, you can sign the waiver form online and charge reg fee/class fees to your credit card and your child will be guaranteed a spot in your selected classes [once classes are approved by our administrators :-) ] But please remember, you MUST come in to pay with your credit card, we DO NOT process credit cards online!

NOTE: Any class with an Asterisk * must be approved first before enrolling.
These classes are for our competition team only
˙Art of Gymnastics & Cheer reserves the right and responsibility to cancel and/or change any listed class above due to:
schedule changes, enrollment or other unseen circumstances. Once classes begin, we may also adjust your child's schedule
according to ability to increase and improve their learning experience :-)

Please understand an AVERAGE age range is given for each class. There may at times, be exceptions due to previous experience, ability, etc.

Information & Descriptions of All classes for 2017-2018

Listed below is a brief description of disciplines offered at Art of Gymnastics & Cheer:

Acrobatics/Gymnastics - Controlled tricks, cartwheels, head stands, handstands, handsprings, etc to improve flexibility, strength and balance. In some classes teachers ay incorporate the use of equipment such as: Uneven Parallel Bars, Balance Beam, Rings, Vault, Trampoline, Tumble Trak, etc....

Adagio (acrobatic)- Actobatic adagio is an incredible art from inspiried by Cirque Du Soleil. It encompasses balancing, strength, lifting and dismonuts with various partners. Usually combined with contortion and strength movments.

Advanced Power Tumbling -
Advanced skills such as: multiple handsprings, Saltos (tucked, piked, laid out), whipbacks, arabian tucks, gainer layout stepouts, twisting layouts, etc... Prerequisite: Round off, Back handspring, back tuck on spring floor unassisted.

Adult Power Cardio Tap! -
An AWESOME energy packed, fun filled time! Get your body moving and helthy using great fun music and beginner tap steps. This is a Fun class, but will get up pumped and energized! This class Open to both Men & Women!

Adult Aerial Arts -
In this class adults will learn the ancient circus art of aerial silks and lyra. It is a GREAT class for strength building, core enhancement and overall physical enhancement! This class Open to both Men & Women!

Aerial Arts -
Have you or your child been in awe of performers who look as though they float in mid air with silk ribbons and more from shows such as Cirque Du Soleil? In this class students will learn the ancient circus art of aerial silks, ropes and lyra. Students ill climb and discover the beautiful art of Aerial work literally "dancing in the air"!

Jungle Gym Boys Gymnastics
- Basic Gymnastics training. This class will encompass vaulting, rolling, running, climbing and jumping. A GREAT physical fitness class for boys of various ages!!!

Pre-School Boys Gymnastics/Circus - Pre-School Boys Gymnastics/Circus Class will be the same is the above boys class except younger age and introduction of silks and hand balancing will be incorporated.

Ballet - Classical, graceful movements to learn and utilize proper positions and technique.

Ballet/Gymnastics "Package"- a mix of Classical Ballet (30 min) and 30 min of technical artistic gymnastics (uneven bars, balance beam, vaulting, trampoline and floor ork)

Cheerleading - is an activity that uses organized routines made up of elements from dance, gymnastics, and stunting.  Art of Gymnastics & Cheer offers cheer programs from the ages of 3 all the way up until 19.  Our facility has a fantastic competitive program consisting of five different teams.  The program is called "Fantasy All Stars"!!!

Company Choreography
- An additional time during the week for our competition teams to utilize for guest teachers, choreography and to brush up and/or master skills they are training. (Invite only)

Contemporary- Interpretive Dance using balance and control.   A style of theatrical dance that incorporates classical ballet and favors moment deriving from the expression of inner feeling.

Contortion - Included here is a very wide range of flexibility. Stretching, arching, balancing and achieving extreme backbends are taught in this class. Contortion is also a beautiful art form which is usually performed with grace, elegance and style.

"Disney Dancing"
- Included here will be a differnt Disney Musical each month. The students will be encouraged to dress in "characters" from that month's Disney show! This will be a combination of dance & gymnastics! Such a fun new idea :-)

(equipment)- focus of this class are the Uneven Parallel Bars, Balance Beam, Vault, Trampoline, & Tumble Trak

the class will consist of gymnastics and acrobatics work done while stacking, balancing, resting and lifting one ore more partners. Very similiar to sprots acrobatics (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrobatic_gymnastics). This class will also be rehearsal time for our members of the NJACC (www.njacc.net)

Hand Balancing -
is an unusual form of locomotion, in which the athlete stands on the hands & moves primarily using their hands. Before one can begin this class, a handstand position must be attained and maintained, which requires good upper body strength, as well as a heightened sense of balance and spatial awareness. Audition only.

Hip Hop
- Funk or street dancing, MTV style using fundamental jazz technique.

Intro to Tap - Striking of the foot to the floor to create tap sounds in rhythmic patterns.

Intro to Circus Arts - Have you or your child been in awe of performers who look as though they float in mid air with silk ribbons and more from shows such as Cirque Du Soleil? Here's a great way to get your child introduced to the balance, strength and agility of these performers. Students will be taught basic fundamentals on many of the circus apparatus!

Intro to
Hand Balancing - is an unusual form of locomotion, in which the athlete stands on the hands & moves primarily using their hands. Basic handstand position (which requires good upper body strength) will develop. This class will focus on strength builidng and also a heightened sense of balance and spatial awareness.

Intro to Rhythmic Gymnastics- A wonderful new course inspired by the Olympic games! This course will encompass the use of contortion movements, ballet and light acrobatic work. The course will intorduce the various Rhythmic Gymnastics equipment (eg, ball, ribbon, etc).

Jazz - The use of isolations, turns, leaps, etc. to enhance flexibility and rhythm.

Jumps, Leaps & Turns- Dance technique focusing on contemporary/jazz dance elements.

Ballet/Jazz dance that demonstrates extension, balance as well as the interpretation of music.

Musical Theatre Jazz Performance Class -  a class to help students develop theatrical dance styles and stage work. The use of facial expressions and "animation" will be utilized. Class will cover many musicals throughout the course!

Parent & Tot - Class in which parent & child participate to learn small motor skills, balance hand/eye coordination, movements and intro to gymnastics.

Pee-Wee Cheer - A class centered around the basics of cheerleading (tumbling, dance, flexibility). Should have had Combo 1 or 2 or previous experience.  This is a more serious approach to gymnastics/flexibility for the pre-schooler.  (
4-7 yrs old) Contortion will now be introduced into this class!

Pee-Wee Circus Arts - Have you or your child been in awe of performers who look as though they float in mid air with silk ribbons and more from shows such as Cirque Du Soleil? Here's a great way to get your child introduced to the balance, strength and agility of these performers. Students will be taught basic fundamentals on many of the circus apparatus! AGES 4-7. (SOME Circus Arts skills may be intorduced into Tiny Tots for our even younger aspiring acrobats!)

Tap -  footwork concentrating on syncopation, rhythm, timing and variations

Theatre/Acting Class -  a class to help students develop theatrical styles and stage work. Stage "blocking" and various other terms will be introduced!

Tiny Stars Dance and or Gymnastics - Introduction to fundamental dance techniques utilizing songs, rhythms, tumbling and imaginary play/performance. (Normally our toddler aged students)

Rising Stars & Shining Stars Classes- Introduction to fundamental gymnastics techniques utilizing gymnastics equipment, tumbling music and exercise. Geared more towards or 3-5 yr olds)

Twisting Class-
 This class will be working on full twists only and variations of (full twisting LOSO, 2/2, 3/3 and standing 1/1).       
Prerequisite: Solid Round Off Back Handspring Layout.

Wild Card! (it's back!)-  This was one of our most requested classes to make a "return" for 2017/2018! .. This is our "anything goes" type of class. Some days it can be Contortion or Hand Balancing, other days it can be Gymnastics, at times it will be Aerial Arts, and sometimes it may even be tap or jazz technique! Also will be utilized for COmpetition/Parade Rehearsal for our competitive/performing teamsA GREAT class for getting your child moving, fit and having fun!

As we're sure you'll agree, our rates are quite reasonable and we can assure you that your child(ren) will receive the best possible dance, contortion, cheerleading and gymnastics training anywhere! Please note the ages and levels listed for each class. Ages listed represent a general range. The Directors will be happy to assist you in determining the most appropriate level for your child(ren).

In most cases the level breakdown (based on our competition team ranking) is as follows:
Level V- 1 year of mini or "pre-team" experience or previous class instruction
Level IV - beginner/intermediate experience
Level III - intermediate experience (approx ages 8-11)
Level II -Advanced experience
Level I- Elite experience
(all Level I & II classes are to be invite only, please see the office for placement)

Also, please take into consideration that new classes may open up as some may fill up more quickly than others. Please see someone in the office for a complete list of prices.

The Art of Gymnastics and Cheer is very excited about our format for gymnastics, dance contortion and cheerleading classes. Our annual recital is held every year for all our dancers, gymnasts and cheerleaders giving them the opportunity to perform for their family and friends. Gymnastics classes are offered in beginner, intermediate and advanced recreational programs. We have all boys classes, preschool gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, contortion, power tumbling and parent and tot classes offered weekly. Sign your child up today! Dance classes are offered in classical ballet, hip-hop, tap, lyrical, classical pointe', musical theatre and jazz. Children, teens and younger adults may participate in any of our dance classes.

New evening classes now offered for all ages! Saturday Classes offered this year as well! Sign up today!


Thank you for expressing an interest in Art of Gymnastics & Cheer, where every child is a star!

Art of Gymnastics and Cheer
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