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The Art of Gymnastics and Cheer

Anyone wishing to leave a testimonial for posting, please e-mail your statement to artofgymnasticsandcheer@hotmail.com

Dear Art of Gymnastics & Cheer,
Thank you so much for offering all of the programs that you do. I recently read the accolades your dance, cheer and gymnastics received in back to back competitions in April & May.
Amazing work from all of your coaches. Great Job!
Mark F.

Dear AOGAC Staff,

Your new facility is AMAZING! It was so worth the drive from Maryland. Continued success in all that you do! We love you all!

Cheryl & Carrie

Diane & Jeff,

You have an amazing new place and it is packed with fun, excitement and of course, STUDENTS! You offer an amazing new curriculum. From Aerial Arts, to Circus Arts to Contortion to Lyrical and of course GYMNASTICS! We love being part of your new facility! Our old facility was nice, but it truly cannot compare to your wonderful new training center. Thanks again.

Hayley C.


Dear Art of Gymnastics & Cheer,

I didn’t think it was possible, but you managed to create a show that was even better than last year’s! There was something for everyone, from the adorable little ones to your powerful alumni, and everyone in between! You continue to produce powerful tumblers, crazy contortionists, strong hand balancers, excellent dancers, and even aerial artists. Below are just a few quotes from audience members I had the privilege to overhear:

“The Pointe number was so cool! Usually Pointe is slow and predictable, but this was upbeat and like nothing I had ever seen. It was so entertaining to watch.”

“I have such a connection to the Spiderman movies, and this number was amazing! It really embodied the essence of Spiderman.”

“I’ve been to a lot of local recitals, and NO ONE has anything like what I saw in Contortion Construction. I’ve never seen anyone around here do aerial arts. That number was unbelievable!”

“The alumni from Wilmington University were amazing! The fact that they come back for guest appearances really says a lot about their allegiance to the studio and their coach.”

Art of Gymnastics & Cheer,

Those of us who know everything you went through this year with the props truly know what a feat it had to be to outdo yourself this year. The fact that you had SO MUCH support from your studio’s parents and the community members says a lot about you. You have so much love and loyalty on your team, and I know you appreciate it, but you should also be proud because of what it says about YOU!

You continue to do what great leaders do: surround yourself with professionals who are experts at what they do so that you and they can bring out the best in your students. Your studio is already so strong, but I know it is going to continue to get even stronger, and we are so happy to be along for the ride.


The Wright Family

Dear Jeff,

All businesses must continue to evolve, and status quo just does not cut it in today's competitive world. This is a concept you and your staff obviously believe in. As you know, my professional life has kept me from being able to spend more time at the studio this season. So I was very impressed to see the number of new students at the recital. I had time to "smell the roses", since recital wasn't as busy for us, and I enjoyed having the opportunity to be wowed by the many new dance numbers at so many different levels. From Contemporary to Pointe to Lyrical and the many levels of Tap and Ballet, the dancing, in my unprofessional opinion, was impeccable. Your tumbling, handbalancing and contortion remain unmatched. My friends and family couldn't rave enough. The students' performances are a direct reflection of each teacher's hard work and dedication, which is a direct reflection of that of their leader, you! Your vision never ceases to amaze me. Every year you make every number correlate to a fun theme, and this year was no exception. How do you make a handbalancing routine coordinate with the holidays? Why, walking in a winter wonderland, complete with snow, of course! Thanks for putting together another terrific show and another successful year of personal growth for my daughter!




Wow, we're so proud of you, Jeff! Last night was a magnificent achievement! It was our pleasure to come. The variety of performance, the costumes, the sets, the wonderful children and youth and your leadership made for a genuinely remarkable performance. Congratulations! My lasting impression is that of the extraordinary effort contributed by all involved.

Don S, Frankinville, NJ


Dear Staff,

ART OF GYMNASTICS IS AMAZING!!!! I have only been there for about 2 months and my daughter has learned so much! Not only did she learn so much but you have built up her confidence!! She came home from school yesterday and said that she is going to do a solo contortion/ gymnastics number in her talent show.... that she is going to choreograph herself!! I love that she even has the confidence to do this... I love your gym and all the teachers!! My 8 year old rocks and so does the AOGAC!!

Dawn Trainor



Dear Art of Gymnastics and Cheer,

Thank you so much for sponsoring me as a St. Joseph's University Hawk Cheerleader. Thanks to your generous sponsorship in March I will travel to Daytona, Florida where my squad and I will compete against more than 50 Division One collegiate cheer teams for a national title. Also, if it was not for the extensive training Art of Gymnastics and Cheer has given me through the years, I would never be able to say that. Your Academy is an amazing place where kids of all ages can come together and learn important skills that not only open doors for other opportunities, like collegiate cheerleading, but also how to work together as a team and people skills that every person needs when they enter the harsh world of college and career hunting. My training at the Art. of Gymnastics and Cheer boosted my self- esteem and gave me the courage to try out for Hawk cheerleading. My technique, I am confident to say is above and beyond what is expected of cheerleaders, because of my acrobatic training. Thank you again for providing me the physical education I needed to become a Division One Cheerleader.

Thank you also to my coaches at Art of Gymnastics and Cheer for never giving up on me and providing me with the skills to compete to the best of my ability. If it was not for these amazingly trained staff members, I would still be doing forward rolls and cart-wheels. Another thanks to my team members who were always there to support me and cheer me on throughout every competition. Even though I have graduated from competing with the Art of Gymnastics and Cheer, my heart will always be in the studio with my former coaches, team mates, and students. I wish you all the best and I know that everyone will see the talent that emerges from this studio this year and many years to come as well.


Morgan L. Kimmerle
St. Joseph’s University Varsity Cheer Team Member


Art of Gymnastics,

My daughter just signed up for your winter session! She is loving every minute of it. Your classes are fun and she is excited and energized when she comes there. Thank you for a great "boost" for her self esteem!

Frank S.



Dear Art of Gymnastics,

My name is Devon H. I am very honored to be selected as your student of the month for October. I have worked very hard since starting at the gym and I am very glad that my teachers have recognized the effort I have put into this. There are 238 other students at your gym. Some of which are much more talented gymnast than I am, but to have been chosen over all of those other students is quite an honor. I am especially excited for this award because I am a new student at the gym and I was afraid when I first started that I would not fit in or I would fall flat on my face. I started taking gymnastics this year to improve my basketball cheerleading skills, but I have learned so much more than that. I have learned that with hard work and a never say "I can't" attitude, I can accomplish anything.....Thank you once again.

Devon H.


Dear Art of Gymnastics & Cheer Staff,

I am just writing to let you know that myself, and the crowd (obviously by their thunderous applause!!) LOVED your performance in the Cape May Halloween Parade yesterday. My daughter is 7 and was memorized by your students flips, tosses and dance. That little girl in the air doing her trapeze work was beautiful and graceful too. How ingenious it was to bring a portable trapeze device! It was like something right from Cirque Du Soleil. We received a coupon for a free class and will be trying a class to begin in November. Thanks Again, you are top notch.

Maureen B.
Cape May Native


Just a note of Thanks for a wonderful Halloween party on Friday night. The kids had a lot of fun. Also, your performance at the Cape May Halloween parade was fantastic today. Your hard work and dedication shines through when you perform. A job well done kids!! You should be proud:-)

Nicole Salinsky


Dear Jeff,

I want to simply write and say that I am greatful that I met you. You have made a major impact on my life not just being my gymnastic, dance, and cheerleading coach but just being a friend. You always listen to what I had to say when things were'nt going great and helped me a lot in the past year. I wanted to thank you for getting me all the items that you got for my apartment in college. You helped me a lot and I appreciate it so much.

I also wanted to thank you for helping me be the person I am today and also helping me reach my goal: to cheer at the collegiate level!!! :-)

As you know, I suffered a knee injury in cheerleading. However, my knee should be better in 2 more weeks. As soon as I am able to tumble, I will be going straight back to New Jersey so you can help me get my tumbling all back.

Thank you for everything and I really appreciate everything that you have done.

Amanda E.
Wilmington University Cheerleader and former student/coach at Art of Gymnastics & Cheer



Thanks for putting on such a fantastic show. You can really see all the hard work that went into each number. You and your staff are to be commended for choreographing such great numbers and working so hard with our children. The costumes were beautiful, and, again, you can tell the hard work that went into putting them together and keeping the costs affordable.

So many things about the show were great, but I wanted to mention one little thing. When I saw the Wonder Woman spin, it took me right back to my childhood, watching Diana spin into Wonder Woman every Friday night. They truely did the spin exactly the way she did it!!!! Fantastic job!

VERY excited about next year's dance classes, and Rachel is really excited about learning the new upcoming Aerial Arts!



...along with freshman Devin Velli add a level of tumbling to the team that Wilmington University has not seen before. The Wilmington University Cheer team has a very exciting season ahead of them! The talent and experience possessed by this team will definitely lead them in the right direction for the coming years...

Wilmington University Cheerleading Head Coach

Dear Mr. Jeff and Art of Gymnastics and Cheer Staff,

I want to tell you how much my daughter enjoys the gym and how much self-confidence she has gained by attending classes there. My daughter started attending classes at the Art of Gymnastics and Cheer in the Spring of 2008. She was very shy and didn't want to leave my side. Miss Amanda E. was Daniela's first teacher. She took her under her wing and showed her how to do her first cartwheel. I can't tell you how excited she was to show me. After that she looked forward to and couldn't wait for her next classes. I am proud to say that she was invited to the pre team competition team and can now do her back hand spring perfectly!!!

Each teacher that Daniela has encountered over the past year has been wonderful. They have all played a part in building her self-confidence and also reassuring her that she has the ability to reach her goals. Thank you Mr. Jeff for all your kindness and support and for seeing something special in my daughter. Thank you to all of the Art of Gymnastics and Cheer Staff you guys all great.

Much Love,

Yahaira Kelly



Jeff and Art of Gymnastics and Cheer Staff,

My daughter, Jenna, walked into your studio only knowing how to do a cartwheel. ONE year later she has accomplished herself all the way up to a full twist! I am simply amazed and thrilled at all she has learned from you and your staff. Your students are not only talented they are kind hearted and generous. Keep up the great work. We are happy and proud to be apart of the AOGAC!

Nancy Sittineri, Broker-Associate


Dear Art of Gymnastics & Cheer,

My Husband and I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful program you have at your gym. Our Son Joseph came to the gym because he was involved in the fantasy cheerleading team. Joseph soon realized he was more interested in the gymnastics part of cheer. He started out with no tumbling experience and started off slowly. We then decided try one night a week with you coaching him in gymnastics, He advanced quickly. He is now able to do tucks, Arabians, layouts and a full twist!  He was very proud as were we, when he was asked to be on the Pre-Team. Since then he works hard on perfecting his tricks as well as learning new ones. My husband and I are very impressed with the progress that Joseph has made. You and you Staff have given Joseph a higher self- esteem by always encouraged him to strive for the best that he can do and recognizing when he does . Your gym offers so many great classes and different levels for each child to find their place.  From there they work on advancing without pressure but with encouragement, that you and your wonderful Staff give them to be the best they can be. We just wanted to thank you all for teaching & encouraging him with his gymnastics.

P.S.- we can’t wait for our granddaughter Adrianna to start the Mommy and me classes this year.


Helene Grossman
Police Dispatcher



Hi Mr. Jeff and Staff,

I would like to start by saying my friends and family were once again impressed by a wonderful recital, and how much my daughter Savannah has grown with her skills and her confidence on the stage. We are so pleased with how much she is learning.  Savannah loves the gym, here team mates and the coaches. We want to thank everyone...

A special thanks to Mr. Jeff for being so understanding of our circumstances after my accident. And not last but not least let’s not forget the job your staff did with coaching my nephew Devin.  His tumbling skills are great and he starts Wilmington University with a Cheerleading Scholarship in 3 weeks

Thank You again.

Much Love

Jennifer & Ronald Velli


Hi Jeff,

It looks like your school did amazing in Atlantic City @ Nationals!- great newspaper article! I am scheduled to adjudicate on September 13th in NJ, but I hope I will be back in time to see your student's performance at Madison Square Garden!! ... Tell the kids I loved the article and hope they know they are at one of the best schools!

Mr. Charles Kelley (Acrobatic Extraordinaire, Dance Educators Of America Staff)


Dear Jeff & Staff,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the amazing year my daughters, Rachel and Samantha Wright, had at your studio and on your competition team this year. You have enhanced their acrobatics, dance, contortion and hand-balancing skills beyond my expectations. I couldn’t be happier with every aspect of your services.

Our economy is bleak to say the least, and you understand that. Your prices are beyond reasonable, and I love the fact that there are never any surprise extra fees. You kept the team’s travel expenses light by choosing nearby competitions – not just because you are a savvy businessman, but because you truly care about your students and their families. My daughters felt and looked like princesses in your custom-made costumes, and yet we didn’t have to pay “royal prices!”

I couldn’t agree more with the United States Tournament of Dance judges who gave you the award for “Diversity in Choreography.” I don’t know how you do it, but somehow you manage to give each child his or her own little piece of the spotlight in the phenomenal numbers you create. Your methods are successful, and the proof is in the way the kids and parents truly do support one another as a team should.

My daughters ADORE YOU, your staff, and their fellow teammates and students, and we can’t wait for another wonderful year on you team!

Susan Wright
Elementary School Teacher


Art of Gymnastics & Cheer Staff,

I gotta tell tell you I really loved the hand balancing number, along with the rest of the recital "Tumbling & Dancing Through the 50's & 60's"!  There were a lot of different teachers this year which I thought made a big difference in the routines for the recital. It was a fabulous show once again. My daughters had a great time performing in it and can not wait for the dvd to get here so they can begin showing everyone the performances.


Dear Jeff & Staff at Art of Gymnastics & Cheer,

Although my sister was not able to stay for your whole show "Tumbling & Dancing Through the 50's & 60's", my daughter, Reagan and I loved it.  The tumbling was impressive as expected.  Congratulations!  You've made your way back to the top.  Best wishes to all of the talented athletes you train.  Thank You for our tickets.

Lisa Marie Kobierowski
former New England Patriots Cheerleader

Art of Gymnastics & Cheer,

I would like to comment on Saturday's performance at Cheer Tech National Championships, not only for the kids but for the coaches.  I wish I had a tape recorder in the audience so that you could have heard what everyone was saying.  The comments were not only coming from the spectators but other coaches as well.  They were amazed at how our kids kept going when the music went out during the one performance.  They continued nailing everything they did and most of all....people had commented on how well our students knew the routine and that they knew the counts without counting.  To me that is the biggest reward!!! 
I am honored to be a part of such a talented program.  As I said, our kids were not the only ones who received those comments, they also commented on our coaches.  I am proud of all of you!!!!  I must also add that I think what happened today was a blessing in a weird kind of way... this was a local competition and all eyes were on us.  To me, our team's reaction to the music going out showed true professionalism!  All of our students were unbelievable at Cheer Tech and now I am sure all the locals can agree that our academy is a very strong, talented, professional facility with amazing kids!

Linda Wareham


Dear Dance Teams,

We arrived home last night from the Cheer Tech National Cheerleading & Dance Championships.  Our cheer team did very well (we won 2nd place!).  However, on the way home all of the girls in my van could do was to talk about your two teams!  My niece is a huge fan of the musical "Wicked!" and she was mesmerized how you were able to take the song "Defying Gravity" and make it into a dance/acro number!  And that Pirate number was like something we had never seen.  My son usually does not go with us to cheer events, but this weekend we made a family trip out of it.  He waited all day on Sunday for that Pirate number to come back on!  What a way to end the day!  Your parents should be so proud.  You have an amazing program with super talented kids!  Great job.  Hope to see you at another cheer event soon


JE Cheer

Dear Art of Gymnastics & Cheer,

I am satisfied with the progress that Grace has been making, it is nice to see her excel in tumbling.  After the Complete Cheer & Dance Championships  I asked her if she liked competing and if it was fun.  She said, “I want to do it forever.”  She is such a personality I can’t stand it.  Until the day she says it is no longer fun she will continue to do what she loves at your studio.  My hat is off to the staff, Jeff and Diane for making this all possible.

With a most sincere heart,

Sharon Tolson

Dear Art of Gymnastics & Cheer Staff,

My daughter had her birthday party there this year!  I will never have another house party!!!!  The staff at Art of Gymnastics and Cheer catered to my needs and made the party a hit with myself and mainly with the children. Fun was had by all! I will recommend this to all my friends.  You have a top notch facility and my daughter and friends LOVED her birthday party!

Kimberly Tunney
Oakcrest High School Faculty

Dear Art of Gymnastics & Cheer,

I would like to say, I have been to many cheer competitions and Complete Cheer & Dance was by far my favorite. As a mother of a first time Competition Team Member, I was able to see my son and the rest of the team shine brighter than any star in the sky. Not to mention I got to see my son do some really amazing tumbling passes and dances that he has only been doing for 1 year now. These kids work so hard to remember the routines and some have a lot to remember, to build endurance and still keep their grades up for school. These kids and their coaches deserve the recognition they received Saturday.

Not to go on about my son but this competition helped Devin get over his fear. Not many of  you know this but he was extremely nervous. But at the end he learned how to change fast for all the routines and it was a bonus that the collegiate coaches watched everyone and stayed around longer to check Devin out. Because they are interested in him and he is interested in cheering at the collegiate level.  As far as I'm concerned, these kids and coaches show be in every and all cheer and DANCE competitions they can..

 I also want to personally thank Betty and Gene for a terrific job on the props and everyone that helped. I also want to thank the entire staff for being great to the kids. A special THANK YOU to the staff for helping Devin bring out his natural tumbling talent and coaching him. Not only have you taught him to tumble, but you taught him not to doubt his abilities. ( you've done that for all the kids )

I can't wait to watch more!!!

Oh Devin's Aunt and Uncle  were there this Saturday and completely amazed with the Competition Team and the routines..



Michele Gilliam




My name is Leslie and I am a parent of an East Coast Nitro
Cheerleader in Middletown, Delaware.  I was born and raised in the City of Philadelphia and very heavily involved in the arts. I went to Performing Arts High School and The University of the Arts.
I just wanted to let you know how much me and my family and many others there enjoyed all of your performances. They were incredibly choreographed and the level of skill from all of your performers were top notched.
Keep up the wonderful work and I hope that there will be a time that I can
see your performances again.  I have in-laws that live in Rio Grande, NJ and we WILL look you up when we are down there again.

Leslie E.


Diane & Jeff,

Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how wonderful the girls are doing in Virginia Beach. Katrina is going to Virginia Beach Performing Arts Academy where thanks to the training she received at Art of Gymnastics & Cheer, she is in the advanced ballet classes and is also doing world dance which includes African dance and Flamenco.  She also made her schools varsity gymnastics team and is competing beam, vault and floor. Katrina just won 3rd  place on floor and 2nd on vault at her last meet. Emilie now concentrating on her gymnastics full time, is competing at level 7.  Emilie was able to go into the new gym with enough skills, thanks to the coaching she received at your training academy, to keep up with the girls already in training. We are just starting our competition season so I will keep you posted on her progress. Good luck with your season we all miss you guys so so much. Thank you for all that you did for the girls, hope to see you soon.


Mary Prate

Art of Gymnastics & Cheer Staff,

I Just wanted to thank you for all your effort you have put into teaching Carly at your gym.  She enjoys every minute she is there.  If were up to her, she would be there 5 days a week, as if three weren't enough :o) 

We both have learned so much from being with your facility. You teach with great technique and reassurance. With all you do at your gym and the words you speak to each and everyone of those kids, you have helped to make Carly who she is...a wonderful, soft hearted, kind, well spoken, proud, confident little girl. I must say as a mother I feel so secure knowing that Carly will  be in a safe and clean gym three days a week and be influenced by a great, kind hearted staff.  I look forward to all the great times to come.  Once again...Thank you all for helping Carly be who she is...

Tracy Krieg

Dear Art of Gymnastics and Cheer,

The staff and residents would like you to know what a great show you put on for us.  We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and talent.

See you again soon!

Chapin House Assisted Living Center, NJ


Dear Staff at Art of Gymnastics & Cheer,

I would just like to say thank you for the excellent Halloween party you had this season.  My husband and I were pleasantly surprised to see such a huge turn out and to actually have a "haunted hayride" outside was amazing also!  The kids had a blast and your annual "parade of costumes" was a lot of fun too!  We can't wait for next season's party!  My daughter loves her dance class and gymnastics class too.  We have been concerned with her weight the past two years and we can already see her more energetic!  She is faster and stronger now too.  Thanks so much for promoting healthy, safe, and fun activities for her.  Your academy is great!

Thanks again,

Michelle B.


Dear Art of Gymnastics & Cheer,

Bianca and Angela have just completed recital #3. As with recitals 1 and 2 it was a wonderful show full of wonderful and happy students. As I pack away their costumes I can't help but think about the dedicated staff that worked so hard to make these costumes came to life on recital night.

The students are anxious to do their best. They have been shown how important it is to enjoy what they're doing and to always strive to do things their best.

One of the most impressive aspects of Art of Gymnastics and Cheer is the strong camaraderie among the students. They are always there to cheer on each other. The older students are always ready to longingly help the younger students.

The instructors are loving, yet firm in their teaching. They know what each child is capable of and strive to see that they are given their chance.

To Jeff, Diane, and all of the staff I say thank you. I want only the best for the girls I know we are right on target with your studio.


Janet, Bianca, and Angela


Dear Art of Gymnastics & Cheer,

I just came home from seeing "Tumbling & Dancing in Disneyland".  I must say I was absolutely astonished to see how amazing your studio and students are!  I went to my neighbor's recital at another school in the beginning of the month.  Honestly, I dreaded the thought of going to another recital (this time for my goddaughter).  We all thought "...we'll just leave after her number is finished..." After that opening number, you could not have pulled me from my chair!  My husband was a collegiate gymnast and could not believe all of those twists your children did all night long!  I was a NCA cheerleader for 12 yrs and when I saw that Senior Co-Ed Cheer Team, I knew you had top quality teachers in ALL facets of dance, gym and cheer!  That 2 & 1/2 high pyramid was outstanding!
That contortion number was outstanding as well!  What flexibility your students have!  So graceful and elegant.  I am so happy our goddaughter is there and learning from the best teachers around!

Thanks again,

Davina Stafford

Dear Art of Gymnastics and Cheer,

We are wrapping up our first season in your gym. We wanted to take this time to thank you for welcoming the Fantasy All-Star Competition Cheerleaders to use your facility. Our teams have excelled with your tumbling instruction and it is so nice to have access to a gym whenever we need it.

We have felt so comfortable since we started there and have made many friends with your students and staff. Our teams also had a great time participating in your recital and we enjoyed watching all of your talented students. We are looking forward to many more seasons with you and we hope the four walls can hold all of our teams and yours because we keep on growing. But that's what happens when you have a good thing going.

Cheers, From The Fantasy All-Star Coaching Staff 

Dear Art of Gymnastics & Cheer,

I have to tell you one more time what a great job you did with our very talented kids for the competition this weekend.  Great, great job!!!!

Thanks Again,

Nancy (Sara & Rebecca's grand mom)


Dear Art of Gymnastics & Cheer Staff,

I would like to commend you on a wonderful recital. We had 18 family members in attendance and they all LOVED every moment of it. I can't tell you how pleased I was with EVERYTHING.

I'd also like you to know how wonderful I think the staff is. Miss Amanda is a VERY special person and we all appreciate her patience. Every teacher that I have met, although they have not had direct contact with us, is always smiling and very friendly.  I am grateful to be able to have enrolled Gabby in such an awesome school.

Finally, the surprise we received! Your invitation for Gabby to be on the competition pre-team blew all of us away. I am honored to have such a school want to teach my daughter how to be a STAR!!!! I look forward to seeing you all when we start her on the pre-team and at many more exciting recitals and hopefully competitions. Please keep me informed of anything I can do to help.

Thank you again,

Heather & Chance Grey & Family


Dear staff and students at the Art of Gymnastics and Cheer,

As our three daughters wrap up their first complete year with your studio, we cannot tell you how grateful we are for all they have accomplished.  My oldest daughter, Giana, has excelled since she walked through your doors.  Her self esteem has never been this high- ever.  We really regret leaving your old studio 7 years ago.  Our middle daughter, Ciara, has also achieved so much including new friends, confidence and style.  She loves it!  And of course, our baby girl, Carina.  Wow, does she love coming to your studio!  What other 4 year old can spend 3 evenings a week at a studio and ask for more?  She will flourish with the guidance and dedication of your staff.  We look forward to many more years at your studio--we can't wait to see what they accomplish next! 

Thank you for your studio's professionalism, schedule flexibility, dedication and allowing the kids to have fun while they learn.

Denise and Jeff Raymond


Dear friends at Art of Gymnastic and Cheer,
I have seen other professional training for young people and have never seen as much fun or heard as much laughter as I have at Art of Gymnastics and Cheer.   It is not easy to get so many kids to work their hearts out for you and everyone of those kids work hard for you because they feel that you care about them, you celebrate their successes, and work with them to master that new trick or routine.  I am very impressed with your expert coaching and sensitive handling of the young athletes at your facility.  The excitement and enthusiasm that you exude in every class is contagious.  The kids are excited because they can see their own progress.   The parents can see the progress too.  You garner trust from the kids and the parents and that speaks to your concern for safety and professionalism.  I am glad my daughter has a chance to be a part of it all.
Thank you,
Sharon Fruchtman-Laffey


Dear Gymnastics & Dance Instructors,

The staff at ACDA would like to congratulate your Dance Ensemble, "The 4 Elements", on their outstanding performance at our National Championships this past month.  The routine they performed was truly outstanding; we know that a lot of hard work, determination and discipline went into their routine. 

We are proud to award your team from The Art of Gymnastics & Cheer, with a check in the amount of $500.00 for having the highest score in the dance ensemble division and on being named our 2006 Dance Ensemble Grand National Champion!


The Staff of ACDA



Dear Staff,

We just wanted to say thank you so much for a great experience and a wonderful day at competition today.  Kalie really had a blast doing the different routines in the competition.  She is looking forward to the next competition a great deal.  I am also looking forward to it.  You and your entire crew do a fabulous job every day with these students.  You make it fun and exciting as well as teaching them new things each time they are there.

Thank you again for all that you do for my daughters.  They absolutely love it.

Barbara, Kalie and Stephanie Roach

Dear Staff and friends at Art of Gymnastics & Cheer,
We would like to thank you for your kindness and your generous donation to "A Gift From Gia". Thanks to the compassion of people such as your selves, we were able to deliver well over 1,000 gifts to Cooper Hospital.
Our biggest thank you is for remembering us, and Gia.

With Love,

Vincent, Beth, Mia and the Gia Chiarella foundation



Dear Art of Gymnastics & Cheer Staff,

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful party for Bethany's 6th birthday. We never had so many children in attendance at a party. Yet, it was one of the most organized and active events we have ever had. The kids were kept busy and entertained, with each one receiving individualized attention. More than once the children were heard to exclaim "This is fun!" They all had smiles on their faces. Parents also complimented the overall quality of the party and how involved their children were. Needless to say, a good time was had by all!

So thank you once again for all of your time and effort in providing a wonderful celebration for Bethany's birthday.

It was definitely enjoyed by all!


Diane Castellucci, Bethany, and family



Dear Diane,

I am just writing to let you know how much the gymnastics facility means to Morgan. She has done very well there and has gained much confidence, maturity and stage presence being enrolled in your gymnastics, cheer and dance programs. She has utilized her talents by being selected in numerous events. She has won the talent portion in area pageants, she was selected as a tumbling munchkin in the Wizard of Oz, she was selected as a "flipper" for her local cheer team. She will represent your gymnastics facility in two weeks at the Gia Chiarella Cheerleading Tournament. She could not be more proud to have your uniform on! She recently won the Regional Title of "Junior Miss Ticket To Broadway". We are all so proud of her! Thanks for all you have done for my daughter. By the way, the new equipment is awesome!

USAG Safety Certified Volunteer Coach

Your staff displays leadership while inviting children of all levels to love the world of dance.  Lena may never be a prima ballerina, but your teachers make her feel as though she already is.  She may or may not ever win a first place trophy, but feels as though she already has the tons of trophies on display at the gym.   

We'd like to say thank you Art of Gymnastics and Cheer for caring about even the tiniest dancers in their very first role as students.  We especially appreciate the confidence you've given to Lena.  It is no wonder that we cannot tear her away from your school even after she completes her classes each week.  "Can't I stay and watch the big girls?" is music to our ears.  We're so happy Lena has found something that she truly loves.  Thanks to your staff and students, Lena doesn't ever think of herself as a little girl with a birth defect.   Instead she often refers to herself as a dancer, a gymnast, or a cheerleader.  For that, we could never thank you enough.


Traci and EJ Dougherty

Dear Art of Gymnastics & Cheer Staff,

Both of my children have attended (over the years), Art of Gymnastics and Cheer. My son Nick's experience was exceptional in the fact that school was never his thing. He had no self-confidence because he didn't succeed in school. However, he grew as a person as well as a gymnast under the expert direction and care of the staff at Art of Gymnastics and Cheer. I believe his experiences and lessons he learned at the gym allowed him to excel at other aspects of his life. As he competed throughout the years and continually dominated his category of competition, his self-esteem and his drive to achieve lifted him to amazing planes in the gymnastics world as well as in his academic career. Along with back tucks and full twists he learned time-management and lessons in life.

My daughter's experience has been just as rewarding, but on a different level. She already excels at her academics, but after a hiatus from dance due to injury, she knew it would be hard to get back to the point she was before. The staff at Art of Gymnastics and Cheer worked with her and has since brought her back to, if not beyond, her expectations in the field of dance. She feels more fulfilled and is truly happier to now have dance back in her life, and I truly feel that this transition might not have as successful if it did not take place at Art Of Gymnastics And Cheer.


Michelle Pizza

Dear Diane,

As Mia is preparing to travel to Florida to compete with the Wildwood Catholic varsity cheerleaders, I can't help but think back to the countless other competitions we've experienced. I'd just like to say that aside from turning her into one of the most outstanding tumblers in our area, you more importantly gave her the ability to get on that stage and perform with absolute confidence. She also excels in good teammanship and sportsmanship, which is something she sadly may never have learned had it not been for the time spent in your gym, under the direction of your fabulous staff. This past week she came home astounded by your brand new competitive cheerleading spring floor!

Mia is looking forward to this competition, as she always has, with no apprehension whatsoever, just the sheer excitement of getting back up on that stage, and doing what she does best. I am proud to say that you've played a huge part in turning her into the mature young woman that she is today, and for that, I will always be immensely grateful. It is not just my Mia, but so many of the students who have come through your doors are truly "shining stars". It must be a wonderful feeling to impact so many young lives! We love you...

Vincent, Beth, Mia, and always, Gia


Dear Diane & Staff,

Just a note to let you know what a wonderful program I think you have. My daughter absolutely loves coming to the gym. She is so positive and I can see that her self-esteem has improved drastically. I have found your staff/coaches extremely competent and wonderful with the kids. Keep up the great work!


Kathy Bakley
Medical Assistant


Dear Diane,

I am writing just to say how much I enjoyed your facility. I loved attending classes at your wonderful gymnastics, cheer and dance school. The coaches are amazing! They taught me self-esteem, patience, agility, coordination, strength, social skills and the ability to balance academics and extra curricular activities. What I learned over the years at your facility has played a huge part in what I do today. Thank you for all that you have done for me! Please continue the great work you do with all of your students! I wish you and Art of Gymnastics & Cheer continued success in the future.

Kimberly Langstaff
Royal Caribbean International Dancer


Dear Art of Gymnastics and Cheer Staff,

We are students attending the Art of Gymnastics & Cheer. We just want to say we enjoy this facility. We have found it to build up our confidence and physical strength. We have also learned to balance all of our academics and extra curricular activities. This facility makes us stronger as Varsity Cheerleaders and also as accomplished gymnasts. Thank you for all of your work, patience and time that you put into your students. We wish you and your staff much success to come.

Four Time Top 5 Overall National Cheerleading Champions from Wildwood Catholic High School


Dear Diane,

I am writing to say how much I enjoy your facility. Not only have my two daughters become accomplished gymnasts, they have also learned valuable life skills. As the coach of the Wildwood Catholic cheerleaders, I have encouraged the team to develop their tumbling skills at your gym. Your instructors are friendly, patient & encouraging to all students at all levels of ability. Keep up the great work!

Mary T. Vey
Wildwood Catholic Cheer Coach

Dear Teachers, Coaches, and Diane,

I am writing to thank you for such a wonderful experience at the Art of Gymnastics and Cheer's facility. Years have come and gone since attending but the effects of what I was taught by such credible and caring individuals has been long lasting. I am currently highly involved with running and swimming, and I have found many of the skills that I learned during my time there have contributed to my current success (i.e. flexibility and stamina, but most importantly perseverance and determination). I thank your staff and know that if your students walk away with half of what I gained from my experience, than as mentors, you have clearly done your job.

Best Wishes,

Sean Duncan (College Student)

Dear Diane,

Art of Gymnastics and Cheer has been a keystone in my life. I have been dancing since the age of 2, but due to an injury at the age of 11, I could not dance for 5 years. I am now 16 years of age and back in dance for the first time, in a long time. The staff at Art of Gymnastics and Cheer has become like a family to me as they worked with me, diligently, to get me "back in the groove." I've never been happier, now that I have dance back in my life, I feel complete and it brought a whole new facet of change to my "ever-so-busy" life. I've learned time management and how to juggle all my school, church, community and dance things together. I learn not only skills in dance, but also skills in life. I am also a competitor in pageantry and they have been so gracious as to help sponsor me in the past and even help me with talent routines. Everyone there is truly a blessing in my life, and I will always have with me the things I experience at Art of Gymnastics and Cheer.

With much love and gratitude,

Alexandra R. Pizza


Dear Art of Gymnastics and Cheer,

Four years ago, our lives stopped when without warning, our first daughter was born with a birth defect called Aural Atresia & Microtia.  Luckily, we learned that it was mostly cosmetic but still worried about how others would perceive her.   The doctors could only tell us that she could have her missing ear reconstructed when she was 6 years old.   Until then, they said, "do all you can to increase her self-esteem;  she will be picked on because kids are mean."  We had no idea what to do to build confidence in such a young child.  As parents, we would have done anything to protect our little girl from the stares and whispers.  It turns out, we didn't have to do anything except to enroll her in Art of Gymnastics and Cheer.   

Lena has been dancing at your facility for less than two years, yet makes herself at home there like she has known all of you much, much longer.  She is a four year old who has learned through your constant praise and encouragement to carry herself as if she is twice her age.  She beams with pride not only over her own accomplishments but over those of the entire school.  Lena considers herself one of the gang at Art of Gymnastics and looks up to the other dancers as if they are her brothers and sisters.  The girls and boys at Art of Gymnastics are not at all "mean" like the kids the doctor warned us about.  They are supportive and accepting of one another.  They are the most talented dancers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders I have seen in this area, yet they are always eager to learn more and are constantly practicing to become even better. 

Art of Gymnastics & Cheer,

"Thank you" is a little phrase, but still, it's meant to show your kindness is appreciated more than you could know. We at the Loyalton think you put on a fantastic show for us. Thank you for volunteering your time to perform for our residents. The dancers put smiles on all of our resident's faces.


The residents and staff of the Loyalton of Cape May

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